FAQ - Workshops

Why should I attend a workshop?

Workshops involve the development of solutions on practice-oriented topics in small groups. Each participant can contribute to them individually. A workshop allows participants to develop their analytical and communicative problem-solving and decision-making skills while training their collective thinking, which they will need in their potential professional activity.

How can I register for a workshop?

Registration for a workshop can be done via the event calendar on the Open Institute’s platform. There users can select the workshop that interests them and register via the form which then appears by indicating the coordinates required.

What languages are workshops conducted in?

Currently workshops are conducted in English and German.

Are workshops conducted online as well?

Yes. Workshops are conducted both as attendance events and online.

What types of workshops are offered?

The Open Institute offers problem solution workshops, conflict resolution workshops, conception workshops, and decision-making workshops.

Will the outcomes of workshop be published?

No. Publishing the outcomes of workshops is not provided for.