FAQ - Conferences

Why should I attend a conference?

Scientific conferences provide academics with the opportunity to present their latest research findings and discuss them with other conference participants. In addition conferences constitute an essential communication tool in science and academia.

How can I register for participating in a conference?

Registration for a conference can be done via the event calendar on the Open Institute’s platform. There users can select a conference that interests them and register via the form which then appears by indicating the coordinates required.

What languages are conferences conducted in?

Conferences are generally conducted in English. Depending on the country where the event takes place, a conference may also be held in a different language.

Are conferences conducted online as well?

Conferences are conducted both as attendance events and online.

I intend to present my research results at a conference. How do I proceed?

Following the registration for a conference, one is required to contact the Open Institute’s support team, either via the contact form or by telephone. The support will then register the academic in question as an active presenter for the conference of choice. Afterwards, they will receive a call for papers where they are requested to write down and submit their research results in the form of a scientific contribution. A research paper, abstract and poster featuring the research results in compact form must be prepared as well. After presenting the research results at the conference, they will be published in a conference proceeding.

What research results can I present at a conference?

At a conference research results from doctoral theses, habilitation treatises, other research works or a peer-reviewed paper can be presented. In the event that a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis features a thought-out and structured methodical approach as well as an appropriate empirical density, it too can be admitted for presentation at a scientific conference.

How does the entire presentation proceed?

At the conference the speaker presents their scientific results using a PowerPoint presentation, which should not take longer than thirty minutes. A poster which displays the research results in a compact format supports the presentation and serves as a discussion guideline during the poster session following the presentation.

Is it mandatory to create a poster?

Yes. Creating a poster is mandatory.

How can I publish the research results presented?

The research results presented at the conference can be published in a conference proceeding, which is issued for the conference in question.