FAQ - Publication

In what departments is it possible to publish at the Open Institute?

Publishing at the Open Institute can be done in the departments mentioned below: - Business, Management & Law - Medicine, Health & Social Science - Humanities - Engineering & IT - Media, Communications & Culture

What opportunities does the Open Institute offer to publish scientific research results?

Publishing scientific research results can be done via the journal CHANCE or a conference proceeding. Another possibility is publication of a monograph.

How can I publish a scientific paper in the peer review journal CHANCE?

Once a scientific paper has been completed, it can be uploaded to the platform of the journal CHANCE. This is followed by a peer review of the paper and a feedback. Instructions from the feedback must be taken into account by the author for the editing of the paper. Afterwards the paper can be reuploaded by the author. There can be multiple feedbacks from reviewers. Once the paper has reached the required scientific level, reviewers approve it for publication.

How can I publish a scientific paper in a conference proceeding?

Conferences, which interested researchers can register for, are announced regularly in the event calendar on the Open Institute’s web platform. The research findings presented at a conference, then, can be published in the corresponding conference proceeding.

In what language can I publish my paper?

All academic papers can be published in English only.

How can I publish my doctoral thesis or monograph?

Assistance with publishing a doctoral thesis or monograph is provided by the support, which can be reached via the contact form or by telephone.

Are monographs subject to a peer review procedure as well?

Subjecting a monograph to a peer review procedure is not mandatory. However, it is recommended to conduct a peer review process for monographs as well, because it considerably increases a monograph’s value.

What services does the Open Institute offer when it comes to book publications?

When it comes to book publications, the Open Institute offers not only standard publishing services such as ISBN number, registration in the German list of all deliverable books (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher, VLB), and placement of the book in the national library, but also a variety of marketing services to ensure the book’s wide distribution. In addition, each book intended for publication can be subjected to a peer review process on a voluntary basis. Lastly, the Open Institute provides advice on the disbursement of the one-time royalty from secondary rights of exploitation of academic texts.

Why should I choose the Open Institute for publishing my scientific paper or academic text?

The entire service package for publishing scientific papers or other academic texts encompasses both typical publishing services and extensive marketing services, making it very appealing to publishers in order to position themselves in the professional or academic sphere as well as gain a high reputation in their field.