FAQ - About the Open Institute

What is the Open Institute?

The Open Institute is a private-law institute focused on conducting study and doctoral programs as well as activities related to them, such as scientific conferences, workshops, coachings, and publishing.

Where is the Open Institute located?

The Open Institute has locations in Varna (Bulgaria) and Wollerau (Switzerland).

Who are the lecturers/scholars that work at the Open Institute?

The lecturers/scholars working at the Open Institute have many years of working experience, typically holding a doctoral degree and/or a professorship. They have extensive teaching and practical experience.

How many students does a lecturer support?

A lecturer supports fifteen students on average, which allows to ensure optimum study conditions.

What universities is the Open Institute collaborating with?

The Open Institute is collaborating with both European and Asian universities which are state-recognized and accredited both institutionally and in terms of their study programs.