MBA in Mobile & Digital Marketing

You’re a marketing manager looking for a salary boost? Here’s your answer: Master of Business Administration at Open Institute. Top online course for digital marketing & mobile marketing.

Taught in:
English, German, Polish, Russian or Bulgarian
2 Semesters

The Master of Business Administration in Mobile & Digital Marketing at the Open Institute is designed to provide students with knowledge and abilities to successfully apply advanced marketing tools and strategies in mobile and digital marketing. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of highly qualified lecturers who will be happy to pass on their knowledge. The Master of Business Administration program teaches students how to best use mobile strategy to attract larger audiences with good performance rates and make their websites responsive. Participants learn how to plan, organize, analyze, optimize, communicate, and create advertisements and interesting web content to target a specific audience in order to minimize the expense and maximize the success of an online advertisement. Given the high demand for digital marketing professionals, graduates of the Master of Business Administration in Mobile & Digital Marketing program will have outstanding opportunities for senior leadership positions.