Executive MBA (EMBA)

Looking to boost your leadership skills? Here’s your chance: Master of Business Administration for executives – 1-year online course, part-time. Be the leader you've always wanted to be!

Taught in:
English, German, Polish, Russian or Bulgarian
2 Semesters

The online course Executive Master of Business Administration at the Open Institute is aimed at endowing business leaders with additional in-depth knowledge and experience. The program offers to participants the next level of business fundamentals, providing a better understanding of the complexities and details required to run a comprehensive and advanced business. Participants learn a variety of management techniques and practices from highly professional lecturers in order to handle real-world situations with ease and professionalism. As managers already work in the field and have many years of experience, the contents and practical orientation of the Master of Business Administration program are at a very high level. By the end of the Executive Master of Business Administration program, participants will know how to be more successful managers and more confident leaders.