Master of Public Health (MPH)

One-year Public Health Master at Open Institute. Major upgrade for top public health careers. Part-time & fully digital. Your entry ticket to the best public health jobs. Start now!

Taught in:
English, German, Polish, Russian or Bulgarian
2 Semesters

The Public Health Master program at the Open Institute prepares students to safeguard and promote the health of whole communities. Students learn how to address difficult issues that affect communities, collaborate with people from many sectors, and educate the public about optimal health care practices. During the Public Health Master program, you will acquire knowledge in key public health topics while also customizing their learning through skill development in areas such as precision nutrition, health communication, data analysis, environmental epidemiology, and more. The Public Health Master degree delivers an industry-relevant skill set, core expertise, and much-needed compassion to have a positive and long-term influence on the healthcare industry and its stakeholders. As a graduate of the online Public Health Master program, the public health jobs and salary expectations are high – you will have access to positions in managing and leading preventive health services in communicable and non-communicable diseases.