Postgraduate professional doctorates focus on the application of theoretical knowledge into real-life job scenarios. They are intended for experienced professionals and executives who wish to leverage their industry knowledge into a greater level of credibility, leadership, and influence in their field. Participants still conduct research, but the degree is much more practice-oriented in comparison with purely academic doctorates. Professional doctorates are available in a variety of fields, including health sciences, medicine, business and economics, and law. The goal in a professional doctorate is to generate effective solutions to current workplace problems and to engage in active research on topics closely related to the present employment. Participants make a unique contribution to a professionally relevant topic by developing a practical solution to a current problem in the world of work in a dissertation or case study. The online form of the program makes it incredibly suitable for working professionals to take part in – it enables a symbiosis of work and research that ultimately enhances expertise in the chosen field. The completion of a professional doctorate qualifies for senior management positions and serves to optimally advance careers.

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