Certified Business Economist

General information

The continuing education program Certified Business Economist is a generalist management training the graduates of which will perform professional operational, organizational, and management tasks in various areas and fields of activities of a company. The Certified Business Economist, in particular, is capable of recognizing and analyzing business-related matters and problems as well as providing a solution for them. In addition, they plan, implement, and evaluate all projects and corporate processes on an independent and autonomous basis taking into consideration economic and legal aspects. Last but not least, they design, moderate, and monitor projects and corporate processes based on target-oriented internal and external management, collaboration, and communication.

Admission requirements

In order to gain admission to the continuing education program Certified Business Economist, the following admission requirements must be met:

  • Higher education entrance qualification (Abitur or equivalent)
  • Completed vocational training and two years of work experience
  • Admission and aptitude test procedures

Recognition of examinations taken at other educational institutes

Passed module examinations taken at other educational institutions may be recognized upon request. For this purpose, the relevant documents clearly showing and providing proof of the examinations taken at other educational institutes must be submitted.


The continuing education program Certified Business Economist contains the following modules:

  • General Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Accounting & Management Control
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Commercial Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Management & Leadership
  • Logistics

Each module concludes with an examination consisting of a case study, project thesis, or term paper.

The processing time for each individual module is two to three months.

Graduate thesis

The continuing education program Certified Business Economist concludes with a graduate thesis. It shall comprise 60 pages on average, and be written in English. The topic can be chosen freely, and shall be agreed upon with the supervisor; ideally it should be related to the student’s professional context and contain practice-oriented research. Through the graduate thesis, the student shall provide proof that they are capable of identifying, presenting, evaluating, and solving complex problems occurring in business practice.

The processing time for the graduate thesis is three to six months.


A Certified Business Economist demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills in their particular field using principles, theories and innovations that are necessary for solving complex and unpredictable problems in a specific field of work and study requiring strategic management of teams as well as taking responsibility for the professional development of individuals or groups. Against this backdrop, the Certified Business Economist degree, based on the European Qualifications Network which has been established by the European Parliament and the Council on better comparability of educational qualifications between EU member states, can be classified as Level EQR6, whereby this degree qualifies as being equivalent to the first study cycle (Bachelor). However, since the European Qualifications Network is a voluntary transparency tool without any legally binding force, the recognition of educational achievements from the continuing education program Certified Business Economist as well as admission to graduate studies will take place autonomously and individually at the respective educational institution.