CAS in Social Media Marketing

Looking to get the best social media jobs? Advance your marketing skills. New certified online course digital marketing. Everything about Social Media Marketing – in 6 months. Start now!

Taught in:
English, German, Polish, Russian or Bulgarian
2 Semesters

The strategic use of social media marketing and content marketing is a competitive advantage and element of success for any company. The right use of social media means optimizing corporate communications. In the certified online course digital marketing for Social Media Marketing you will gain an overview of social media and how to use social media platforms economically for you and your company. You'll become a modern marketing master by getting the tools, methods and best practices from outstanding social media experts in the field. The part-time online course digital marketing for Social Media Marketing is a great way to hone your skills while gaining hands-on experience, all from the comfort of your own home. The online course digital marketing with a focus on Social Media Marketing is complemented by a variety of social media practice applications. These are presented by top social media professionals and provide you with an excellent opportunity to successfully apply what you've learned in this cutting-edge marketing course online.