Networking is an essential soft skill seen by many as one of the primary factors for the successful advancement in one’s professional career. Making new friends, learning about new opportunities, exchanging ideas or getting advice from other professionals is always a great way for one to set oneself into a community. What is more the Open Institute recognizes the importance of networking and encourages it through various digital courses, conferences, workshops and other events that allow students to gain valuable communication skills and master the art of interaction. Building the foundations of your future professional career must start at an early stage, which is why networking is a useful tool when it comes to growing into a career network and meeting new people that might play an important role for your future career path. Moreover, considering that in today’s business world it is often more important who you know than what you know, this underlines even more the importance of making new contacts and building a reputation of a supportive and reliable person as early as possible. At the Open Institute you will learn more about the importance of networking as a social skill along with the ways that will help you develop or increase your networking skills.