Coaching has become more relevant in recent years in various different aspects of people’s lives. The main approach in coaching is to help people find the right way to achieve certain goals in the best way possible in accordance with their own personalities. Often students lack the ability to clearly define their education, career or life goals, which leads to poor self-organization and inability to take adequate actions towards the successful fulfilment of certain milestones.

The Open Institute understands how important these aspects are in the life of prospective and current students, which is why the Institute carries out coachings in the fields of education, management, and career. Each and every one of them aims at assisting students with the development of personal skills and perspectives in an effort to teach them how to plan and organize better their individual goals. What is more coaching sessions are a very effective way to inspire and build confidence in participants, since such coaching methods involve providing clear directions and strategies for achieving the individual’s personal goals.

The Open Institute’s coaching sessions are specifically designed to focus on each student’s individual behaviour while encouraging them to be more intuitive, creative, and curious about their future goals. In addition, all coaching sessions are led by experienced coaches that work closely with each student individually with the purpose of accompanying and monitoring their personal development.

Those interested in an individual or group coaching can submit their request to the Open Institute via the contact form.