Cooperation with the platform UNIVERSITAET.COM: Open Institute wants to open up new education markets in German-speaking countries

In the current age, wide-ranging digital presence is imperative for any educational institute. Thanks to the collaboration with the platform UNIVERSITAET.COM, which has now commenced, the Open Institute is expanding its presence on the German-speaking education market.

The Open Institute and UNIVERSITAET.COM – a digital university portal connecting students with universities – are pleased to announce their collaboration starting in March 2021. The new initiative is aimed at expanding the services of the Open Institute and positioning it on the education markets in German-speaking countries. With this move the Institute attempts to reach a wider audience while building a reputation for itself as a reliable digital education platform that provides quality services to students from all over the world. Through the collaboration between the two platforms, users will also benefit from a variety of services featured on both websites that will be accessible to students and companies.

With a profile on the UNIVERSITAET.COM platform, the Open Institute will benefit from a better representation among students who are seeking further education. With the large number of students accessing the portal on a daily basis, the Institute increases its chances of being recognized and chosen by prospective students. Such partnership is also a great marketing opportunity for the Institute as it allows for a more focused target on a specific group of students that are seeking education in German-speaking countries. The profile comprises of several sections that aim at presenting the Open Institute in full light along with its services and programs so that prospective students can make an informed decision about their further education choice.

The first thing that users will come across is the overview of the Institute where general information about the number of programs, students, and the location is provided. In addition, this section also provides a gallery where one will be able to view photos of the location of the Institute. The gallery is followed by a contact form where prospective students will be able to submit their questions or requests for enrolment directly to the Open Institute, since application through UNIVERSITAET.COM is not possible. The second section from the profile of Open Institute allows students who have already taken a course to evaluate the services of the Institute through multiple reviews and thereby provide a legitimate statement about their experience. To make the research process even easier for students, the last thing included in the Open Institute profile is a list of all study programs offered by the Institute. Through it, prospective students will be able to search for study programs by selecting a study form and a level of study and thus filtering their options. 

Having a professional profile on the university portal comes with other advantages as well. Aside from the general information about the services of the Institute along with its contact information, the Open Institute will also enjoy features such as a professional bilingual profile in English and German, a news blog that is regularly updated with new content, publication of events, a professional dashboard, and more. What is more the Institute can also receive recognition if it is highly rated by students and thus obtain a Certificate of Excellence along with a badge provided by UNIVERSITAET.COM. To make it even easier for students to find the Open Institute among the many institutions in the database, a digital badge is also available to indicate the digital nature of the study programs provided by the Institute, based on their preference of studying online.

Prospective students are always searching for the ideal higher education institute for their studies, which is why they tend to spend a lot of time researching and browsing through the many options on the education market. In doing so, prospective students will be also able to use the comparison tool that allows them to compare up to four study programs or universities. This feature, along with other exclusive advantages, however, is only available upon registration. Some of the other features that are also presented to registered users include a rate-and-win game, quiz games, an on-line shop with the most essential must-haves for a hassle-free student life, free access to deals and coupons for food, shopping, events, a search engine for excellent job opportunities across Germany, Austrian and Switzerland, and more exciting content. 

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