CBE course program at the Open Institute: a straight pathway to success in business

The ability to stand out and distinguish yourself in a competitive global job market is an art that is difficult to master. With digitalization and globalization, demands by employers are growing. An excellent opportunity for professional development presents itself in the continuing education program Certified Business Economist: a course that provides in-depth knowledge and enhances students’ practical skills in the field of business. With the program, students are enabled to meet their goals and embark on a successful professional journey.

Today everything in the world is fast-paced and moving at a rapid speed. With the digital revolution has come a whole new wave of opportunities, but also quick changes, requiring instant adaptation. Industry demands are growing, and in order to be successful today, candidates must possess a whole array of qualities, not previously required for professionals. University education has been at the top of the academic pyramid for years, but in more recent times, priorities have shifted. Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to have an undergraduate degree for the field of business, as organizations are looking for well-educated and highly skilled candidates – something that universities cannot provide in its entirety. While graduate degrees are a good option, they are often expensive and lengthy, and not to mention, sometimes not thorough enough either. That poses the question of how students can gain the necessary skills and prepare for a stable career. A safe and secure option, without costing a large sum or requiring a lot of time, is a Certified Business Economist (CBE) program.

How to succeed in business as a Certified Business Economist

The reality of higher education is that it cannot provide all the essential information and skills needed for a qualified professional in the field of business. A number of disciplines are taught in university, but many are just skimmed through, rather than thoroughly explored. That means that in order to meet the rising demands in the industry, students must seek more options to upgrade their knowledge.

Not meant as a separate higher education degree, but rather as an add-on to pre-existing qualifications in the fields on business, management and economics, a CBE program, in its core, aims to close the gap between university education and industry requirements. It is targeted towards graduates who have obtained a degree in the field of business, management or economics, and wish to further themselves professionally. CBE programs build on previously gained knowledge and skills from the students’ undergraduate or graduate degree, providing high-in-demand qualities that may have been previously left out. Providing an advanced body of knowledge that includes economic principles and business concepts, this type of certificate program boosts understanding of the role of local, national, and global economies and their influence on business, commerce, trade, and government.

Through a variety of lectures and professional operational, organizational, and management tasks, students gain better understanding of and insight into how businesses operate on a global scale. Completing a CBE program gives students an edge and a distinct advantage in an incredibly competitive job market, where employers seek candidates able to stand out.

While a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are the traditional ways to gain a qualification and become a suitable candidate for a position in business and economics, now many graduates lack the experience and additional skills. The CBE program intends to provide students with understanding of current economic issues and economic principles and methods. This includes real-world applications, knowledge of economic perspective on the nature, scale, and organization of businesses, and how the exchange of information and capital in internal and external markets works. Through the program, students are able to gain further qualifications and build on their university degree, thereby designing a CV that stands out from the rest. The CBE program is a great step towards professional development and success in graduates’ field of choice.

Become a Certified Business Economist with the Open Institute

In addition to the Bachelor, Master, MBA, DBA, PhD and CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) programs at the Open Institute, students also have the opportunity to enroll in a CBE program and thus set the beginning of a successful future in the field. As Certified Business Economists, graduates will present skills that distinguish them from their peers, such as in-depth analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, planning, innovation, project evaluation and implementation, as well as teamwork and leadership. These are the qualities that set candidates apart and win over employers, even from leading international organizations.

The CBE program at the Open Institute has a number of advantages that make it an outstanding option for students interested in working in the industry. The online platform is a safe and convenient way to access higher education even during a global pandemic. Throughout the entirely digital course, students are able to study at their own pace, from their personal computer from any point in the world. With more and more businesses embracing the digital revolution and going online, this gives students at the Open Institute an edge. They also have the opportunity to meet peers and international experts in the field all from the comfort of their homes. One of the biggest advantages of the CBE program is the internationally-recognized certificate that graduates receive upon completion. This opens the doors for professional success and enables them to efficiently position themselves on the global job market.

Students enrolled in the CBE program at the Open Institute have the opportunity to work and study simultaneously. Offering a great deal of flexibility, the certificate program virtually gives students the freedom to decide how much and when to study, which enables them to manage their own time.

The CBE program at the Open Institute is composed of different modules which students have to complete in order to successfully finish their studies. The modules are:

Each of the modules concludes with an examination that consists of a case study, project paper or term paper. Great emphasis is put on the practical aspect of the studies. Through case studies, the students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired through the video lessons and enhance their practical skills. Students are required to write a graduate thesis comprising sixty pages after the successful completion of all modules. Upon completion, students are awarded with an internationally-recognized certificate, classified as Level EQR6 according to the European Qualifications Framework, equivalent to the first study cycle (Bachelor).

A plethora of career opportunities for Certified Business Economists

With a number of professional opportunities, Certified Business Economists have the freedom to choose the career path they want to embark on. Professionals in the sector are in demand, which gives candidates a good chance of finding the right position for them. Some of the job positions for Certified Business Economists include: financial analyst, marketing specialist, policy analyst and planner, business analyst, investment specialist, e-commerce specialist, accounting analyst, and many more.

In a global economy, qualified and skilled professionals are needed to face the challenges. This is exactly what a CBE embodies and what employers see. The Certificate serves as proof of professional accomplishments, experience, and abilities. A CBE graduate is trusted by employers to deploy their skills, tools, and experience to bring clarity to decision-making processes, enhancing outcomes for their organizations. The Certificate is verification that a candidate has the skills, knowledge, ethics, and dedication to deliver value in the workplace.

What is more, the Open Institute offers opportunities for further academic and professional development in the form of conferences, workshops and networking. In addition to the CBE program, students can participate in different activities in order to gain even more insight into their chosen field, exchange ideas and meet likeminded individuals from all around the world. All in all, an outstanding opportunity to set the start of a stable career in business, the CBE program at the Open Institute, along with additional activities, is an important step in the direction towards success.

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