Your chance to succeed as an expert: Open Institute launches CAS course programs in Digital Marketing & Management

Higher education has been the prerequisite for professional success for years. However, due to growing demands from the job market, candidates are expected to meet a lot of criteria, which an undergraduate degree frequently does not prepare them for. With a Master’s degree often being expensive and lengthy, there is another option in the form of a Certificate of Advanced Studies. Such programs are especially developed to prepare students for their careers and give them what universities cannot.

In today’s world of rapid globalization and digitalization, it is more important than ever to be a well-rounded individual with extensive professional qualifications. Competition is fierce and if you want to succeed, your best bet is to start early and put in the hard work. While university education is the classic route to go on, nowadays it is often insufficient, especially in the traditional form of study. Because an undergraduate university degree will give you the basic knowledge in a number of subjects, and a Master’s degree is in many cases expensive, lengthy and rigid in its methods, a newer and more efficient way to deepen that knowledge and further yourself in a certain field, is through a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) program. Certificates of Advanced Studies are awarded to students who have completed a course of study in a certain academic field. The Open Institute is proud to have developed a carefully-designed CAS program that is especially targeted towards students who wish to broaden their horizon and gain further qualifications.

The gap in university education

The formula for success has been “graduate from university and find a job” for years. However, in more recent times it has proven insufficient. Part of the reason is the fact that the number of students enrolled in university has doubled since the 1990s. With higher education being more easily accessible and widely popular, it is no longer the sole prerequisite for professional success. Another factor influencing the shortcoming of a university degree is the incomplete knowledge obtained during lectures. Because so much material has to be crammed up into a semester’s worth of lectures, it is often at the expense of depth. It is common for lecturers to only brush over a specific subject and give students only the basic information, simply because that is the way the university curriculum has been planned.

Most employers want degree holders because of the tight labor market and the evolution of their work. Economics researchers have found that as universities expand the number of enrolled students, the average ability and wage of university graduates decreases. As the requirements grow, students must learn to adapt and meet them.

Graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills are in demand. A large number of university courses now include some work-based learning, but those experiences can be limited in time and breadth. That is why it is very common for students to be seeking additional courses to enhance their knowledge and gain more practical skills. Such courses can also help gain further qualifications and make candidates stand out when applying for a job. But what exactly do these course programs entail?

CAS course programs and why they are essential

Certificate of Advanced Studies programs are aimed at Bachelor or Master graduates who are looking to continue their education and aid their professional development. Especially useful because of the gap in education universities leave, students have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in a specific field that they only skimmed through during their studies. Designed not as a substitute to higher education, but rather as an add-on, CAS courses are meant to hone critical-thinking skills and personal knowledge of a chosen field.

The programs allow students to satisfy continuing education goals or requirements and enable individuals to update their knowledge and develop the skills which employers seek, such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, as well as excellent oral and written communication skills. It is especially because CAS course programs are focused only on a specific field or subject that students are prepared for a level of competency beyond that provided by the Master’s degree.

Furthermore, CAS course programs can also help students change their career path. Apart from serving as an enhancement of knowledge and skills, such programs can also provide students with an entirely new set of abilities and information that push them towards a different professional direction. CAS programs can be the means through which students redirect their career without enrolling at university and starting a new Bachelor or Master’s degree program all over again.

There are many benefits to having a Certificate of Advanced Studies. According to a report from Forbes magazine, individuals can expect to receive an estimated 13 to 25 percent increase in salary after having earned a CAS. Compared to earning a graduate degree, earning a certificate can often be done in a year or less, depending on the exact program. A CAS also helps students stay competitive and prepared for any challenges they may meet professionally. What is more, during a CAS course, students can meet new people and expand their network. Many individuals obtain a CAS to test out the idea of earning a Master’s degree. Others use the expedited programs to quickly break into a specific industry because it involves a much smaller investment of time. No matter the reason for starting a CAS course however, these certificates have proven and established themselves as a safe and reliable way toward professional success with a number of advantages for students.

Digital Marketing and Management CAS programs at the Open Institute broadening students’ horizon

The Certificate of Advanced Studies programs at the Open Institute encompass a wide range of fields and subjects. Launching with Digital Marketing and Management, the courses promise to enrich students with interdisciplinary knowledge they have missed out on during their university studies. As a digitally advanced platform, the Open Institute ensures that all programs run smoothly and the experience is a pleasant one for students. In addition, the entirely digital course is suitable for anyone, from any location in the world, provided that they have an internet connection and a personal computer.

The field of Digital Marketing and Management is one of the most competitive in a constantly evolving digital world. The growth of popularity of the internet has resulted in more people spending their time online. Over 7.7 billion people use the internet across the globe. It has become an integral part of everyday life to conduct searches, check social media, and purchase products online. With the majority of businesses relying on experts in the field to develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns and strategies that promote their products and/or services, qualified candidates are in high demand on the job market. That is precisely why the Open Institute recognizes the importance of Digital Marketing and Management and has carefully developed a range of programs in the field.

Students at the Open Institute are able to join a CAS course program in one of the following specialized subjects:

Each course requires the completion of several modules. Courses are designed in such a way as to teach basic theoretical knowledge and then apply the knowledge gained within the scope of case studies. The courses are in the form of pre-recorded video lessons, made by experienced lecturers who are experts in their respective fields. Along with the video lessons, students are given plenty of opportunities to develop essential applicable skills by receiving practical assignments and tasks. Should the students need help or have any questions regarding the material, they can contact their lecturers to receive individual attention and assistance.

What makes the CAS course programs at the Open Institute a great option is the fact that students can study at their own pace. It is up to them to decide how many lessons to take and how often to study. The length of the course depends entirely on their availability and motivation. Because they are free to study at their own pace, students can focus on work at the same time. The combination of theoretical lectures and practical case study type of assignments ensures that students receive both the knowledge that they need to advance in their career, and the skills that are highly valued by employers in their field.

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits in joining a Certificate of Advanced Studies course program at the Open Institute is the certificate itself. Students who complete a CAS program receive an internationally-recognized certificate that broadens their horizon immensely. The program, which is tailored to individual needs, endows students with high-in-demand skills that will help them advance their career quickly and efficiently.

All in all, The CAS programs at the Open Institute are the perfect way for students to focus on a specific field of study, enrich their CV, network and meet new people, stand out and get ahead in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.

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