Media, Communications & Culture

Media and communications studies encompass a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects and fields. Specializing in collecting, analyzing, interpreting and delivering information, media and communications programs are targeted towards students interested in disseminating information, reporting news, storytelling or analyzing media culture. Programs in the field provide you with interpersonal, problem-solving, and oral and written communication skills, which are essential for a career in media and communications. As a graduate, you will have plenty of opportunities for development in marketing, broadcasting, photography, journalism and many more. One of the most favorable degrees for online study, media and communications is a field that keeps developing and growing along with digital technology.

Culture and cultural studies focus on the role of social institutions in the shaping of societies around the world. Culture is an interdisciplinary field of study that depending on the interests of the students, includes subjects such as discourse and identity theory, ethics, politics, or history of social movements. A combination of anthropology, economics, history, literary theory, media theory, political science, sociology, and psychology, culture is an academic field that endows you with a broad range of skills and knowledge which can consecutively be applied in a variety of professional fields. From teaching and consulting to advertising and public relations, a degree in the department of culture is an excellent key to many industries.