As an academic discipline Humanities is a field of study that encompasses all aspects related to human culture and life, including languages and literature, art, music, history, philosophy, and religion. Prospective students interested in studying a humanistic discipline should expect to engage on a journey that will help them become cultured individuals by exploring human existences and making sense of the experiences that people go through while participating in society. The reason why Humanities cover such a broad spectre of disciplines is that all of them need to be considered when searching for different interpretations of life and the events that happened in history. This is why the study of Humanities is a great opportunity for students to explore and realize the impacts of the past in today’s world while understanding some of the common differences that have emerged between different cultures and societies. Graduates with a degree in Humanities can expect to choose from a variety of career paths that can include jobs in different fields like marketing, psychology, arts, writing, and more. Some of the job opportunities include Advertising Manager, Editor, Event Organizer, Historian, Linguist, Social Worker, Teacher, and others.