Business Management & Law

With the variety of possibilities for starting and growing your own business or working for a successful corporation, more and more people become interested in the business world and the career opportunities it gives. Yet, understanding how business works or how a particular organization operates requires knowledge of the legalities used in running business. At the Open Institute a Business, Management & Law courses will prepare students for a degree in the field of Business and Law. They will explore core principles of finance, entrepreneurship, management, and law. The study courses expand across different areas within the business industry with a strong focus on the legal framework governing specific public and private organizations. Among the disciplines are Business Management and Marketing, Business Economics, Accounting, Digital Business, and others. The high-profile lecturers working at the Open Institute will give you the opportunity to enhance your industry knowledge and teach you practical skills required for a successful professional career. What is more these courses will give you solid foundations in business management while also touching on the core legal concepts used in the business sector. With an academic degree from a partnership university, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Studies or a certification as Certified Business Economist from the Open Institute, you can choose not only between different industries, but also between equally diverse areas of responsibility. The classic fields of work include human resources, marketing, distribution and sales, as well as the IT sector, but also logistics or management consulting. Within these fields, there are in turn many opportunities to specialize in certain areas of activity.